EA Giving Tuesday

Our team

We make it as easy as possible for donors and highly effective nonprofits to participate in EA Giving Tuesday.

Avi Norowitz

Avi Norowitz leads the EA Giving Tuesday project, and has been working on the project since 2017. Avi has been involved in the effective altruism community since 2015, and has volunteered as a co-organizer Effective Altruism NYC since 2017. Avi is currently on a career path towards information security, with the goal of applying information security skills to reduce global catastrophic risks.

Megan Jamer

Megan is a co-organizer of EA Giving Tuesday 2020, and is a communications volunteer at Rethink Charity and ALLFED. After leaving a geology career, Megan travelled on a bicycle in Asian and African countries from 2015 to 2019, and read about effective altruism along the way.

Rebecca Baron

Rebecca has been working on EA Giving Tuesday since 2019. She previously helped organize the EAGxBoston 2018 and 2019 conferences and is involved with EA community-building in the Boston area. She studies economics and international relations at Tufts University and has been involved with EA since 2016.

Gina Stuessy

Gina started volunteering for EA Giving Tuesday in 2020 after being impressed and excited by their efforts the previous three years. She is the Director of Finance and Impact at Animal Charity Evaluators, co-founder and former organizer of EA Madison (Wis.) and has been involved in EA since 2013.

William Kiely

Will has worked to make the EA Giving Tuesday project more successful since first learning of Facebook’s match in 2017. Previously, Will took the Giving What We Can pledge in 2015 and volunteered as a co-organizer of the Effective Altruism Austin meetup group from 2017-2020. Will has been inspired by many people in the EA community to give more and give more effectively, and is still in awe of the incredible impact he can have by donating well.

Marisa Jurczyk

Marisa Jurczyk has helped support EA Giving Tuesday since 2019. Marisa works as an Operations Officer at Rethink Charity, volunteers as a co-organizer of Effective Altruism Anywhere, and has been involved with the EA community since 2017.


Angelina Li

Angelina has donated through the EA Giving Tuesday project since 2017. In 2019, Angelina created a last minute donation simulator to help donors practice making donations, which she is excited to improve upon in 2020.

Nix Goldowsky-Dill

Nix worked with Angelina to make the donation simulator for EA Giving Tuesday in 2020. Nix has been involved in the EA community since 2015, and helped organize EA student groups at both Cornell and Oxford. Currently he is also helping to organize the AI Safety Camp.

Questions? Read our FAQ or e-mail us at contact@eagivingtuesday.org.